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Festival feedback

For 2017 we sent an online survey to all competitors, please find below a selection of the feedback received:


Do you like the layout of the show?

  • Nice way to bring the other countries to life and great to showcase those who have done well in a final at the end

  • The theme of each day has always been fun and enjoyable

  • Easy to see what's happening

  • Adds to atmosphere

  • It's easy to follow and having a theme each day makes it interesting

  • Rings keep going throughout lunch

  • Easy access

  • Looks forward to different course designs

  • Nice that each day has a theme

  • It's great

  • Love the different days for different countries

  • The finals are something to aim for throughout the weekend

  • Really enjoy the different country themes and having the finals gives everyone something to aim for and are good fun to watch even if you don't get to compete in one

  • Think that everything is conveniently located and makes it all very sociable

  • Makes the show more interesting

  • It is interesting to have the opportunity to attempt courses by Judges from different countries. It is probably the nearest thing most of us will experience to competing internationally. The evening meals reflecting the cuisine of the different countries is a nice touch

  • It makes it interesting and nice for everyone to get together at the end of the day

  • Everything is in reach

  • It gives variety and makes the festival unique

  • Everything is close together and makes good use of available space

  • It worked well

  • Good mix of qualifier and non-qualifier classes

  • 4 days of Agility! Fantastic

  • It's fun and different to any other show

  • Friendly, brings people together

  • Like that the finals are on the last day

  • I like having something to aim for at the end of the show.

  • Because it's a friendly show, the majority of people are there to have fun and enjoy runs with their dogs at a more relaxed show

  • I can’t  say why, but as I come to your Country and started , I feel so good and I feel like I must  come back, so that's why the layout ok for me

  • It's a nice way to end the days competition


What do you think about the facilities of the venue?

  • Food excellent, handy to be able to buy lunch/drinks on site.  Easy to park

  • It is a very interesting

  • Great ground, venue, facilities and organisation

  • Good that there is indoor toilets

  • Good facilities

  • Great

  • Great accommodation, exceptional customer service and reasonable prices

  • Great facilities. Very accommodating when we went indoors for presentations due to weather

  • We stay on site, rooms are nice and great that dogs are welcome

  • Everything is clean and tidy and easy to use

  • Difficult to compare but I think it is a good situation with restaurant facilities and accommodation.  Probably hard to beat

  • Love the fact that we can stay on site and can take dogs into rooms

  • It is very nice to have an indoor part to the venue where people can stay and also have a cup of coffee. The rings are spacious and reasonably flat

  • It's basic, but clean and staff are friendly. Food is really good

  • Clean tidy

  • Good rooms, clean shower rooms, nice cafe with lovely food and the staff were very friendly and helpful

  • It's a good venue

  • Everything there, food and accommodation

  • I don't stay there but food is good, staff friendly

  • Small private venue with all facilities close to rings

  • Super

  • Toilets and showers clean and available. camping pitch a good size

  • The view of the sea, not so much traffic


If you ate at any of the evening meals, what did you think of the food?

  • Really nice

  • Excellent

  • Fab

  • Fantastic

  • Fantastic! Yummy making my mouth water as I think of them!!

  • They are great

  • The meals are always really good quality

  • I ate one evening meal at the venue and thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Very good value

  • Really good

  • Food excellent

  • Liked them a lot

  • Good!

  • Very good

  • It' fantastic to eat meal specially from the Country from where the  Judges come and naturally the drinks

  • They were very nice


What did you think of the courses at Jersey European Agility Festival, please state why?

  • Happy with all of my courses - I am in A and found the A/B OK

  • I always enjoy the courses. Find them challenging, fun and not boring like some of the lower grade courses can be in the UK. I always find I can do something that I thought might not be able to

  • Good variety as always with a mix of judges from different countries

  • I enjoyed the courses - different judges led to very different courses and good variety

  • Very good

  • Fair for all

  • Really enjoyed the European courses

  • Interesting, good to see a variety of samples from different countries

  • Great

  • Love the European style courses from the European judges

  • Great selection, really enjoyed them

  • I really enjoy the different styles that the European judges bring to the Festival

  • Love them. Is great to try European courses that differ from the ones we tend to see in the UK

  • I enjoyed them.  Challenging and interesting

  • I always find the European style courses challenging but I enjoy them

  • On the whole they were excellent. I thought they were pitched about right for the various levels. Some of them were testing but possible. It was interesting to see the differences in the courses set by the European Judges from the courses usually set in the UK

  • A good mix of easy and challenging courses. Nice to compete under European judges

  • Nice and flowing with a few challenges

  • Great courses, a distinct European feel to most

  • It was the first time there, found them interesting and challenging

  • Fine, it's good to have variety

  • Good mix, appropriate to the grades

  • Great mix of courses from different courses

  • Fun

  • Great courses challenging but doable!

  • Great. Lovely mixture

  • I liked the international courses

  • Really good on the whole. Preferred the European courses to the British

  • Very good and various

  • Yes good. Nice to have a variety of European courses, some of which are much trickier than I am used too which is a good thing


What did you think about the organisation of the Festival, please state why?

  • Brilliant - a lot of hard work goes into something like this and everything just seems to run like clockwork

  • Can't fault organisation

  • Excellent

  • Excellent a very well organised show which is easy to follow

  • Fab. Much appreciated

  • Fine

  • Good, has a friendly feel to it

  • Good, ran smoothly with everyone helping

  • Great

  • Great – it’s a lovely event

  • Great - well done!

  • Great organisation!

  • Great, no criticism/comments at all

  • Great. Always well organised. Never left unsure of what's happening

  • I feel it is well organised. The organisers have a good handle on the proceedings

  • I think the quality of the event is fantastic, the team work so hard to make it fun for everyone.  I also like the fact that everyone has to help at some point

  • I thought all the information was straightforward and timely. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the feeling of having fun - something that is missing in so much agility of late

  • It was very well organised

  • Pretty well organised, for a small team you do a very good job!

  • Runs smoothly

  • Seemed good to me, fair and challenging enough

  • Slick

  • Very good

  • Very good, the three of them work B----y hard.

  • Very well organised, helpful management team who can't do enough for the competitors

  • Was well organised, seemed to run smoothly

  • Well organised and friendly team

 Survey kindly organised by Megan Burns.

For 2016 we sent an online survey to all competitors, please find below a selection of the feedback received:

Do you like the layout of the show?

  • Such great atmosphere.
  • I like working towards a final.
  • I like having something to aim for over the weekend and hopefully run in the finals.
  • Such great atmosphere.
  • Easy to get to rings loos and camping.
  • It ran very smoothly.
  • It runs very well.
  • Great to have the themes, love the mix of cultures.
  • International, yet convivial.
  • Emphasises how truly international it is and the finals create a focus for the whole festival. It is great to be able to cheer for the new friends you have inevitably made by then.
  • Rings were close together with day parking close by.
  • Easy to access both rings without being too cramped.
  • Seems to work and like that each day has a theme.  
  • Well organised ran smoothly and on time. Lovely social atmosphere at the prize giving and for the finals.
  • It was easy to find everything.
  • It is a very nice place, great event with great organisation, nice Agility courses :-)
  • Easy to see both rings at the same time, could hear any announcements made.
  • It's a unique theme and great to try different types of courses.
  • The atmosphere having prize giving at the end of the day is brilliant. Having qualifiers & the final gives an added element to the competition. Nice to watch those that have done well compete in the finals and cheer them on.
  • Both rings close and can have lots of seating round.
  • It's is unique and different from any other agility festival. I like this layout.
  • Not too big, familiar.
  • It is unique in the agility world. Very social.
  • Everything was close by.
  • Good sample of judges and courses.
  • I liked it that all the other competitions were finished so you could all watch the finals.
  • Conviviality good atmosphere great organization.

What do you think about the facilities of the venue?
  • I think they are good.
  • I think that the facilities are basic but good. The food throughout the day was fantastic and I couldn't fault it. The rings were a good size, the surface was good and near to all parking and other facilities. The staff were friendly in JAAC. The rooms were clean, but basic.
  • Great.
  • Great facilities.
  • What food I had (very little) was yummy.
  • We don't stay at the venue, so can't comment on staff, rooms etc.  the rings are probably the best we see all year.
  • Rooms are basic but fine, great that you can take the dogs in rooms, All good. Staff particularly friendly and helpful.
  • Excellent all round.
  • Excellent food throughout the day and realistically priced.
  • The rings were very well set out, very good equipment and excellent helpful ‘staff’ / aids / helpers.
  • The rings are well laid out.
  • Excellent.  The catering was fantastic.  Rings were a good size. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.
  • Rooms good.
  • Food good variety.
  • Staff friendly.
  • The rings was nice layout, good surface and size.
  • The staff very friendly and all the time to help.
  • We was at the camping , it was very nice stay at the camping place.
  • All great!! Perfect venue.
  • Room excellent, great to be able to take dogs in room. Food fresh and reasonably priced. Staff friendly and helpful.
  • Room are ok but the bonus is being able to have the dogs indoors with us. Food during the day has improved, evening meals are excellent. Staff very friendly and helpful. Very happy.
  • Everything is/was perfect.
  • Great venue. Catering good and staff friendly.
  • Nice food ,also for vegetarians.
  • Everything is easily accessible.
  • Everything thing was spot on.
  • Very good. Great ground. Nice basic rooms and good to be able to take in dogs.
  • Food fresh and very tasty.
  • All good.
  • Rings good.
  • Staff very nice and friendly.
  • Camping facilities very good and clean.
  • Spacious rooms. Good food. Staff smiling and helpful.
  • The food was very good. The grounds were very nice. The staff on the whole very friendly and helpful.

If you ate at any of the evening meals, what did you think of the food?
  • The food was great for what you paid for.
  • Food fantastic.
  • The brownie on the Sunday was amazing.
  • GB night food was excellent! will try others next year.
  • Loved the Jersey and French; English good; not quite so keen on the Spanish, but that's just me.
  • The food was wonderful, especially the Guernsey evening! Loved the vegetarian options and the deserts were perfect .
  • Food was first class.
  • The evening meals was well organised with great character from the different countries, we enjoyed the food from all this events.  
  • Great food. tasty and hot. vegetarian choice good.
  • Had 2 evening meal which were excellent.
  • Nice, sufficient food (you could ask for more).
  • The meals were good in both quality and value for money.
  • Food was great.
  • Hot and fresh. Very good and great waitress too.
  • Good meal.
  • Good quality meal.

What did you think of the courses at Jersey European Agility Festival? Please state why.

  • Loved the courses.  Because they are different styles from different judges.
  • The courses were challenging - but I like a challenge. They were true of the European style and when done well, they looked amazing. The competition and motivation between the handlers to get around a particularly tricky course was fab.
  • Great.
  • Great courses, very challenging which I loved.
  • Loved them. Challenging and rewarding.
  • Really happy with them.
  • A couple were a bit hard but that's not a bad thing, on the whole I like the contrast in courses, different to most in the west country.
  • Loved them, didn't succeed on most, but had fun trying.
  • Fab. Loved them all.
  • Appropriate level.
  • Lovely variety.
  • For grade 1 they were quite difficult but also found them very challenging but came away feeling like we had achieved some harder runs.
  • Only grade A , thought some of courses quite challenging but enjoyed especially as allowed slower dog to do well as not just a race in straight lines.
  • Good courses.
  • Very good challenging but doable too.
  • The most of the courses was nice for running.
  • Excellent. A good mix of British and European style courses. A welcome change from the normal!
  • Good course designs.
  • Courses brilliant, nice to try different styles from other countries.
  • Really good courses, look forward to this show every year as the standard is high and is challenging.
  • Average good.
  • Great courses. Love the variety set by the judges from different countries.
  • Fluent courses, not too easy with difficulties, not too technical.
  • Brill.
  • Quite hard for my young dog but we enjoyed the challenge.
  • Very varied and good technique very interesting.
  • Very interesting courses overall.

What did you think about the organisation of the festival? Please state why.

  • It's really good. People are friendly.
  • I think the organisation was good. I liked the layout, everyone was friendly and helpful.
  • Great.
  • It ran smoothly which is through great organisation.
  • Well organised. Didn't finish too late as everyone mucked in.
  • Very good, everyone seems to work well together.
  • Excellent, as always.
  • Fine. Efficient and friendly.
  • Excellent. Everything you need to know is clearly stated in the schedule and other literature. Rings ran in good time - maybe it's because everyone knows they are going to get a drink at the end of the day.
  • Excellent.
  • Very well done, credit to all those who took a huge amount of time and effort to make the festival work so well. Especially those who ran their own dogs also. Plus those who gave up their weekends to do all the ‘paperwork’ - total admiration and respect.
  • Good, ran well didn't notice any major problems if there was any, all friendly and helpful.
  • Very good, well organised and on time. Results came out quickly.
  • Good organisation.
  • Excellent lots of thought put in.
  • The organisation was very good, great staff, great time table, nice surrounding.
  • Excellent. Can't fault it.
  • Excellent. ran smoothly.
  • Seemed good to me.
  • Brilliant as always. You all work so hard.
  • Good. the Facebook updates are good.
  • Experienced and compromised. Excellent!
  • Really good. Show always runs well by the show organisers and all competitors seem to chip in and help.
  • Great job of the organisation and the ring managers.
  • Good. André is brilliant at organising.
  • Excellent.
  • Fab.
  • I just enjoyed the whole three days of competition.
  • Good.
  • Good organization, good friendliness. Competition very pleasant to do!

Survey kindly organised by Megan Burns.

16 May 2015
Thank you for a lovely long weekend.

16 May 2015
Yes it was great!! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

08 May 2015
Would just like to say what a fantastic time we all had, despite the rain.  As a first timer at the Jersey European Agility Festival I thought the show was well organised, it was great to see competitors from all over Europe.  Everyone was so friendly and happy to give you agility tips, (much needed and appreciated in my case), so I’m not sure how you can improve! Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved as I know a lot of time and effort is always put into events like this, I'm already looking forward to next years event.
Take care and many thanks

08 May 2015
Hi Andre,
Thanks a lot for this great event, that was fantastic, we enjoyed it so much, and have booked JAAC room for next year already :) We really loved this show, see you next year hopefully !!!

08 May 2015
Hi Andre
Many thanks for the attached & thank you for a lovely show - I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sponsorship prizes were amazing, well done & more of the same next year. The meals were wonderful. Please give our thanks to all of your team - it was a wonderful show - well done.

07 May 2015
Thanks so much for an awesome time. It was friendly as usual and fab catching up with everybody again. Well organised. Loved every minute but maybe not the rain. Can't wait for next years.
Thanks again x

07 May 2015
Thanks so much, we had an amazing time (a little unusual at times, but still completely awesome!)  Can't wait until next year already.

07 May 2015
Thank you for the good time .I hope to see you all again soon.

07 May 2015
Thank you for another great weekend and all the hard work arranging it to everyone involved.

07 May 2015
Hi Andre,
Just wanted to say that it was my first time in Jersey and at the festival, and I thought it was great. Everyone was really friendly and helpful, and the show was run very efficiently.

07 May 2015
You did an AMAZING SHOW! 
Thank you

07 May 2015
Hi Andre
Thank you so much for last weekend we really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next year.
Thanks again

07 May 2015
Hi Sally and André,
It was a fantastic festival and the team organization. I hope to come again next year to compete every day of the festival. Thank you and team organization.
Kinds regards.

06 May 2015
Hi Andre
Just to say, once again, thanks for a brilliant show. As always the show seemed to glide along effortlessly, (although I obviously recognise all the hard work put in by everyone). A huge well done to you, Chris and the rest of the team.
Kind regards

06 May 2015
Hi Andre,
Hope you are ok, just to say a big thank you to you and all involved in The Festival, both I and my dogs had a great time. I have always wanted to come to Jersey and to be able to combine it with agility was a bonus!!! Have booked for next year so please God will see you then.
Take care.

15 May 2014
Dear Andre
Firstly thank you for organising the show. I had the most marvellous time. I was a little jaded by agility in the UK, the lack of support no one clapping at good rounds no one turning up at prize giving etc. So coming to Jersey where everyone was friendly, clapped and supported each other was brilliant. This was due to the relaxed friendly atmosphere of a well run and organised show. Please say thank you to all your helpers. We made some lovely new friends from Europe.
Kind Regards

14 May 2014
Hi Andre, Sally and Chris,
Just a belated Thank You for looking after me so well and making me feel so welcome…  I thought the show ran really, really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so much – all thanks to your wonderful organization.  The weather helped a great deal – sun shines on the righteous etc….

13 May 2014
Hi Andre
This was my first visit to your Agility Festival and wow what a great time we had. The catering was great. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. No negatives. Definitely want to come next year.
Many thanks

12 May 2014
Hi Andre just wanted to say thanks to you, Chris and Sally for such a great show. I really enjoyed it and it was extremely well run. At prize giving the people behind me were saying what a great show it was and how they weren't going to tell anybody else in the UK so that they could keep it to themselves!!!!!!! Thank you and well done to the three of you x

12 May 2014
Awesome weekend at the Jersey European agility festival , had some amazing courses set by lovely judges , met and mixed with some incredible competitors and their families from the UK, Belgium, France, Spain and Jersey. Huge thank you to Andre Rees and his colleagues for putting on such a wonderful event - roll on 2015.

12 May 2014
Hi Andre
Thanks for an amazing show such a great time was had by all, also thanks for sorting such lovely weather!!!!

11 May 2014
Thanks for a fab time! I had a whale of a time meeting lots of lovely people and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. Can't wait for next time!

11 May 2014
Had a fantastic time. Great venue and everyone was so friendly! Can't wait until next year x

11 May 2014
Thank you for a fantastic weekend such fun and kind people it was Great xx

11 May 2014
Hi Andre
Thank you for another great show, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend as always.

10 May 2014
Thanks Andre,
It was a new fantastic week-end of Agility. I hope to come to compete for a next time.

10 May 2014
Thank you André and team - first time to Jersey and enjoyed every minute of it! Great venue, friendly staff, and great to run some non-English courses. Can't wait until next year xx

10 May 2014
Hi Andre
It was fab as always. I just can't believe it's all over for another year already :(
My favourite show of the year. Best wishes

10 May 2014
Hi Andre,
We had a great time this year and are already planning to come back next year. It was a great show, very friendly and good fun.
Looking forward to next year already!

10 May 2014
Hi Andre
I really enjoyed the weekend. I thought it was really well run.

08 May 2014
Many thanks for yet again a most enjoyable Show. 

08 May 2014
Hi André
An ENORMOUS thank you for a great weekend! I really appreciate all the work you and your team put into organising such a successful event. Everyone had a great time, so thanks again.
All the best

06 May 2014
Thank you for an amazing time, really enjoyed my first visit shall be back!

06 May 2014
Hi Andre
Just a quick mail to say thanks once again for a fabulous weekend - most enjoyable. Kindly pass my thanks once again to you, Sally, Chris & Cindy plus anyone I may have missed.

06 May 2014
Super niveau et Fun géniale!!
(Super level and Great fun!)

06 May 2014
Hi Andre
Just wanted to say thank you for a great show again.  As always brilliant atmosphere and great courses.
Thanks for a brilliant 2014 show

06 May 2014
Great show, lovely people.  It's always been our favourite show.  I just wanted to comment on the two ladies from Finland (wow! What a journey!) - they loved the show and I'm looking forward to seeing them next year."

06 May 2014
Well home from Jersey now - what an AMAZING weekend of agility. Had a fantastic time with everyone, thanks for all the support, encouragement and help. Thank you for a great goody bag and an amazing show to all organisers and sponsors. Look forward to coming back next year.

06 May 2014
We did. We met so many nice People Thx♡

06 May 2014
Thank you Andre! There were millions of questions we asked and you answered ;) We had a lovely time- hope to come some year again!

05 May 2014
We've had a great time at our 3rd visit to the Festival. Thanks to Andre, Sally, Chris and their team for keeping everything running smoothly. To the judges, Alfredo, Nicolas, Andrew and Alison, thanks for a variety of courses to run, some quite challenging. The dogs are all knackered, and so are we. See you next year.

05 May 2014
Brilliant! Great accommodation - lovely to have dogs in rooms, super food, wonderful show & organisation, great weather & camaraderie. Thank you to all - we will be back.

05 May 2014
It was wonderful staying as per usual! Perfect staff, lovely food, and comfy accommodation - many thanks and see you all again soon.

05 May 2014
It was awesome :)

05 May 2014
Brilliant festival thank you xxx

22 Jun 2013
You have to go! I love it so much I've put in a holiday request at work for next year already. European judges set really challenging courses which suit Cliff well because he's better at courses that require more accuracy than speed. All the competitors and organisers are lovely too.

28 May 2013
Hi Andre
We had a wonderful time! The weather was wonderful. We were very pleased with the venue and the facilities. The staff were very helpful. On the parts of the site we used I thought were suitable. The meals were nice. So to sum up thank you for an amazing time and hopefully we will see you next year!!
Kind regards

14 May 2013
Andre, Sally & Team.
Thanks for all your hard work in the festival, it’s much appreciated.
We really enjoyed the week, with an added bonus of good weather thrown in.
The on-site venue was good, clean, with all concerned very friendly, and enjoyable meals.
We met many old friends from the past (9 years since last there) and made many more new.
Every one is so friendly and relaxed, but still competitive.
The sponsors must also be given a mention, as they were extremely generous in their contribution to the show.
Thanks once again.

14 May 2013
Hi Andre
My thanks to yourself and everyone who helped at the festival.  It was my first visit, and everyone made me feel very welcome, did'nt do any good but thoughly enjoyed everything. The weather was perfect the people very friendly, and I think I'v made some good friends. Looking forward to next time.
Thanks again

14 May 2013
It was a great idea to live together in the same place in the competition. The location and environment has been fantastic.
Sorry for my bad English

14 May 2013
Hi Andre
A HUGE thank you to you for all you did to make the Jersey European Festival such a success.  As you said the Agility Goddess worked her wonders and we all benefited in the glorious weather. It was great fun! 
Thank you both again, and a big thank you too to Sally.

14 May 2013
Hi André
I would like to thank you (as I have Sally) for a really good weekend.  How you managed the sun as well I don't know.

12 May 2013
Hi Andre
No problem at all, thank you and everyone involved for another great show

10 May 2013
We have had an unforgettable time last week on the Jersey Agility Festival!
Thanks to Andre and Sally Rees for the excellent organization.
Thanks to the judges, Alfredo Tuset, Pascale Crespel, Graham Partridge and Roger Van De Laarschot for the beautiful race course!
Thank you to all volunteers and sponsors.
We have met many nice people.
The JAAC accommodation was excellent.
Next year we will be present again!

10 May 2013
Dear Andre
Thank you so much for a great weekend and please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.
We enjoyed every second of our time in Jersey and appreciate the effort to organise such a great event.
Best wishes

09 May 2013
Back home and normal life
Had a great time in jersey
Can't wait for next year xxxxxxxx

08 May 2013
Thanks to all for a lovely holiday in Jersey with the dogs! What a great little show; we really enjoyed all the courses and the lovely atmosphere. Hope to be back!

08 May 2013
Had a fantastic weekend at the Jersey European Agility Festival. Even managed to come home with two teddies :)

08 May 2013
So good to see you all this weekend, such a good time, so many laughs.

08 May 2013
Back from a great holiday in Jersey.

08 May 2013
Hi Guys
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for organising such a great show. I had a fabulous time (even despite the fact that there was way too many Obay shelties!!) and really enjoyed the whole weekend. The prizes and goodie bags were brilliant, the courses were excellent and the judges were really really nice. I am absolutely knackered so you must all be totally shattered!!! Thank you again, I know now how much work goes into a show and you must have all worked so hard to put on such a first class event x

08 May 2013
Hi André and team. Many thanks for a great time again.
Will there be any possibility of you posting the courses up from the 3 days? We would love to practice some of the ones we did but also some of the B courses looked really good as well?

07 May 2013
Hi Andre
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you & very well done for a lovely show at the weekend. Please could you express my thanks & congrats to your team of able helpers!!
Many thanks

06 May 2013
A huge well done and thank you to Andre , Sally and all those who helped make the agility festival fantastic :) I was truly a wonderful weekend and enjoyed by many. So looking forward to next years.

06 May 2013
Thank you Andre and Sally for arranging such a fantastic Jersey European Agility Festival again. You've done a 1st class job and we've all had a great time helped by the sunshine you booked for the occasion! Can't wait for next year.

23 May 2012
Good morning André,
Our kindest regards and thanks for your diligent organisation of Jersey Agility Festival,

22 May 2012
Hi Andre
Just wanted to drop a line to say how much my daughter and I enjoyed the agility festival. It was our first visit and we met so many nice people. The weather was disappointing but no one can control that! We stayed at the Miramar Hotel and I was so impressed with how welcome they made us and the dogs feel. We definably want to come back next year. Thank you to you and Sally for all your hard work.

14 May 2012
Hi André
Thank you very much for hosting the European Agility Festival last weekend. Despite the rain it was still great fun and, once again, you guys in Jersey made us all feel very welcome.

10 May 2012
Thanks for a fabulous weekend. Look forward to seeing you all in June.

09 May 2012
Hi Andre,
First of all I wanted to say that we had a very nice weekend at the show.

09 May 2012
HI Andre
Would just like to say, once again thank you for a great weekend. Although it was a bit wet at times, we still had a great time and I've already booked time off for next years festival.

08 May 2012
Thanks for a great time. See you next year. Hopefully the weather will be better :-)"

06 June 2011
Many thanks to you, Sally, and, all the rest of the team for organising such an excellent show.
Looking forward to next year!

10 May 2011
I send you this mail to thank you for organizing The Agility Festival.
This is the first time I come to Jersey and participate to this competition and I really enjoyed it.
The atmosphere is very nice and I had fun during these 4 days. I will probably come back.

10 May 2011
Hello André
It was really a unforgettable and very interesting experience to come to Jersey. We enjoyed a lot and had a great time.Thanks a lot for your and Sally's hospitality.

09 May 2011
Hi Andre,
Once again we enjoyed our time at the Agility Festival and we hope that Sally and you aren't too tired after it all. I thought it was a very successful weekend with the usual friendly atmosphere around the rings.
Best wishes

09 May 2011
Bonjour Andre,
J'ai eu la chance de participé au tournoi d'agility dog de Jersey cette année. Je souhaitai simplement te remercier toi et l'équipe d'organisation.
Nous avons passé 3 jours super sympa dans une ambiance relax et détendue. Mon chiens et moi avons fait tout notre possible pour être dans le ton. Ma fille qui m'accompagnait, souhaite absolument que nous y retournions l'année prochaine. Je ne sais pas encore si cela sera possible mais si c'est le cas, nous reviendrons avec grand plaisir.Peut être à bientôt sur les parcours français.Cordialement
Hello André
I had the chance to participate in dog agility tournament in Jersey this year. I just wanted to thank you for you and the organizing team. We spent three days in a really nice relaxed atmosphere and relaxed. My dogs and I did everything possible to be in tune.
My daughter who accompanied me, that absolutely wants us to return next year. I do not know yet if this will work but if it does, we will return with pleasure.
May be soon on the French route.

09 May 2011
Sally & Andrè,
We've arrived back safe and we want to thank you for this wonderful days that we had had, for your effort organising such an event, for the kindness you had...and for all.

09 May 2011
Dear Andre
Thank you so much for organising a great show. We had a lovely time and it was good to try out the different types of courses set by the various judges.
I must get fitter before next year!! I know how much effort these events take to organise.
Thanks again and we hope to see you next year!
Kind Regards

06 May 2011
bonjour nous avons beaucoup aimé le festival agility
tres bien organisé et beaucoup d'ambiance
nous vous remercions pour votre accueil
et ce sera avec plaisir de revenir l'an prochain
bravo a vous et merci beaucoup
hello we really enjoyed the Agility festival very well organized and lots of atmosphere thank you for your welcome and will be happy to return next year
Congratulations to you and thank you very much

05 May 2011
had a great time again this year, thanks everyone for making it such a friendly fun show. :)

05 May 2011
had a brill time in jersey with every1.
thx u all :) xx

05 May 2011
Great time at this year's Jersey European Festival! Thank you to the organisers who keep things running smoothly, to the judges for the challenging courses, to the caterers who are responsible for my extra pounds and to all my old and new friends who keep me smiling!

05 May 2011
Great week at the Jersey European Agility Festival meeting old friends and enjoying the local hospitality.

04 May 2011
Hi Andre,
Congratulations your agility festival was brilliant.
Many Thanks

04 May 2011
Hi Andre
I hope by now that you, Sally, Clive, Fran and all the others involved in the festival have started to recover. I just wanted to say thanks for a great few days in Jersey.
The atmosphere was great, the festival goers friendly, the campsite was just right, and the French were brilliant with their team spirit, allez, allez, allez!! (Hope I've spelt that right).
Most definitely will return and am hoping to bring more from the club next year. Many many thanks

03 May 2011
Hi Andre and Sally
Just a quick note to say what a great and superbly organised show you put on over the last three days (nothing to do with me finally winning something either!!)
It all ran really smoothly and everybody (especially me!) seemed to have a great time. It couldn't have been an easy event to put together so very well done and many thanks

03 May 2011
Sally & Andre
Thank you so much for a fantastic show at the weekend - it was VERY well run & very enjoyable - well done & thank you to you both & to your team! Brilliant

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